New Website

14th March 2010

We have today launched a redesigned website which we hope will be clearer and slightly neater than the previous one.

In addition to changing the look and feel we have also implemented some new features that we feel will add value to people who choose to use the site. Notable changes include:

  • New start page now has predefined searches including by country as we felt that for many people searching just for English, Scottish etc colleges might be more appropriate
  • The database has had funding data for SFA and YPLA added for the English Colleges so that people can see a range of data including both cash amounts and also from the YPLA the student numbers allocated
  • We have added UPIN and URN numbers to act as a common reference to other sites e.g. Ofsted
  • A simple glossary has been added with some common terms used within the FE arena
  • We have started to add phone numbers, Twitter and Facebook details to Colleges in addition to their websites
In the next couple of weeks we will be doing another trawl of the data to update any links etc that have changed and also to add in the new fields such as Twitter and Facebook where we have currently not yet got them.

As always, if there are any errors or omissions please let us know via the contact form and we will endeavour to correct them as soon as we can.